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Notary Public in Englewood, NJ

self-employment - Accounting in Englewood, NJ

Notary Public

Notaries are an embodiment of impartiality. It’s more than just being the witness to the signing of documents. Notaries create a neutral foundation of trust, and serve as a fraud deterrent when making business deals and important family decisions. We adhere to strict codes of conduct to act outside our own interests for your best interests.

Save time by trusting My Office Accounting Services, LLC to authenticate and certify your documents by screening all parties and documents for authenticity and coercion.

Taxes Folder - tax preparation in Englewood, NJ

Business Formations

My Office Accounting Services, LLC can be vital in helping you choose the best business formation that suits your organizational goals and one that will result in the best overall tax situation. As financial professionals, we can frame your best business situation in terms of tax liability, staffing and payroll, and profitability.

We break down the benefits of each formation in terms of financial results. We provide the proper paperwork to declare your work as a sole proprietor, or file for a Limited Liability Company, Partnership or Corporation. We would love to talk to you more about starting your business on the right foot.

self-employment - Accounting in Englewood, NJ

QuickBooks Clean Up

Have in-house admin staff handling your bookkeeping? Having your QuickBooks reviewed semi-annually or quarterly will ensure that transactions are being properly recorded, therefore ensuring accurate financial data, that will allow you to make important business decisions. In addition, “cleaning up” your bookkeeping files will save money on those extra clean up tax preparation fees at year-end.